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Your sensitivity is a blessing. 

Morning Calm is for the lovely being who has a sensitive heart and skin. All products are carefully handmade in small batches with plant based ingredients and love. From creating delicate formulas to preparing eco-friendly packages, the whole process is handled by one person as art and healing work.

Green beauty for our life

I choose organic, fair trade, wildcrafted, eco-cert, Kosher certified, local ingredients whenever possible. At the beginning of the process, I study & meditate to come up with proper formulas. Then, I conduct many experiments to create gentle skincare that will balance and nourish our sensitive skin. 

Ingredient Highlight : 
Fair Trade Organic Shea Butter

One of my favorite, loving ingredients in Morning Calm is this unrefined shea butter fair traded from Northern Uganda. The shea nuts are sourced from organically grown trees and harvested by the 1600 member women's cooperative.

Morning Calm cares about our wholesome beauty and will do the best to find good ingredients for our life and the Earth.

Morning Calm

This name came from the poem by Indian Poet Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941). He mentioned my homeland Korea as a land of Morning Calm. Since I heard the words, it resonated in my heart for long. So when I opened my shop the name came up first in my mind. I love the meaning and all the possible visual images that the name creates. Also, my most important time of the day is early morning, when I can practice meditation in silence. I believe that this calm energy guides my day and work, and I hope to deliver our connected inner calmness through Morning Calm products.