Purifying Cleansing Essence : herbal BHA + crystal
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Purifying Cleansing Essence : herbal BHA + crystal

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• new formula for 2018, good for all skin type
• high vibe herbal BHA facial mask + facial cleanser

• made with organic & ecocert approved ingredients
• sweet herbal + floral aroma
• plant based, Non-GMO, Cruelty free
• 4 fl oz 120 ml / 2 fl oz 60mlin a clear glass bottle with treatment pump

This low-foaming mild cleanser is formulated with soothing aloe vera juice, ecocert approved mild cleansing agents, natural β-hydroxy acid rich herbal extracts, purifying organic herbal extracts, anti-inflammatory protectants, pure organic sulfur, therapeutic grade essential oils, and healing crystals. It gently dissolves excess oil, surface impurities, and dead cells while we enjoy cleansing ritual.

What is  β-hydroxy acid ?
It is an organic acid often used as the active ingredients in anti-acne & mature skin care. BHA's are a larger molecule than AHA, which doesn't get through the pores as quickly. The result is that they stay in the pore and continue to work, functioning to break down the build up that causes enlarged pores, acne and inflammatory conditions.

Full Ingredient List 
Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, Glycerin*, Coco Glucoside♡, Decyl Glucoside♡,  Salix Nigra (Willow) Bark Extract, Glycine Betaine (Beet) Sugar Extract♡, Allantoin, Dimethyl Sulfone (MSM, food grade Sulfur), Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Camellia (Korean Green Tea) Leaf Extract*, Glycyrrhiza glabra (Asian Licorice) Root Extract*, Chamomilla Recutita (Chamomile) Flower Extract*, Gluconodeltalactone and Sodium Benzoate♡, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil*, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil*, Pogostemon Cablin (Patchouli) Oil*, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil*, Amethyst, Clear Quartz.
*Certified organic, ♡approved by EcoCert

♥ I create each batch with a unique formula. 
So the ingredients above are subject to change. 

♥ for sensitive skin, made without 
- SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)
- Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)
- Strong preservatives like Phenoxyethanol, Paraben,
- Artificial colour or fragrance

Key Ingredients
Aloe vera juice : hydrating and rejuvenating the skin
Willow bark extract : a source of natural salicylic acid, enhancing skin cell turnover by promoting exfoliation, soothing skins with antimicrobial properties, improving fine lines and wrinkles
Dimethyl Sulfone (MSM, pure organic Sulfur) : nature's beauty mineral, enhancing amd restoring collagen, keratin, and connective tissues
Beet sugar extract :  naturally derived from a renewable source, hydrating to prevent damage from environmental stressors such as UV radiation and oxidation.
Green tea extract : anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, protecting against UVB damage
Licorice extract : anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, soothing, brightening the skin
Chamomile extract : great for sensitive skin, soothing of irritation
Allantoin : effective anti-inflammatory additive, prevention and treatment of dry and chapped skin and lips.
Vegetable glycerin : natural humectant which draws and holds water
Coco glucoside & Decyl glucoside : one of the most gentle natural cleansing agents, obtained from renewable raw materials, approved by ecocert

Suggested Usage
• For the best result, try it as a mini facial mask. With clean hands, apply onto the damp skin and massage in a circular motion. Let remain on the skin 2~4 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with massaging in a circular motion again. Before skin gets dry, follow with toner and moisturizer.
During the massage and while waiting the essence sit on your skin, please use the affirmations below for your inner & outer beauty.
• As a simple mild facial cleanser, with clean hands, apply onto the damp skin and massage in a circular motion. Then rinse with warm water. You can use it daily.

Affirmations for self care & holistic beauty
• I am loved, I am loving, I am love.
• I am a beautiful being, in my own unique way.
• I am growing more beautiful and radiant everyday. 
• Every cell in my body is beautiful and that beauty is radiated outwards.
• I am beautiful. Everyone is beautiful.

How to Keep
Please keep away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.
Best within 6 months in a room temperature. 

Crystal Therapy 
Amethyst : Calming, healing, cleansing and powerful protective crystal. The strong healing energy of Amethyst can transmute lower vibrations to higher frequencies, transforming negative energy to love energy. As a natural tranquilizer, it relieves physical / emotional / psychological stress, activates spiritual awareness, and opens intuition.  
Clear Quartz
Known as the "master healer".  It amplifies energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals.  It absorbs, stores, releases, regulates energy, harmonizes all the chakras, and aligns the subtle bodies. It also aids concentration and unlocks memory. 
Clear Quartz draws off negative energy of all kinds, neutralizing background radiation including electromagnetic smog or petrochemical emanations, balances and revitalizes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. 

Healing essential oil blend
Made with 100% therapeutic grade organic essential oils.
Healing blending is focused on soothing, purifying, and balancing. It is carefully formulated with pure essential oils of Lavender, Bergamot, Patchouli, and Tea tree.

Essential oils for skin & heart
Lavender : anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, restorative, anti-infectious, calmative.
It relieves skin irritation, accelerates the healing process, and is also beneficial in healing the burns. Lavender essential oil keeps our skin cells healthy and firm by boosting their renewal circulation.
Lavender embodies the warm, protective love of Mother Earth. It is caring, cherishing, and nurturing. In emotional healing, Lavender encourages security, compassion, vitality, clarity, and balance. 
Bergamot : astringent, antibacteria, balancing, brightening.
It inhibits the growth of germs and virus, minimize the look of scars, and tones the skin. Especially it balances oil production for oily skin types.
According to the ancient healing system of Ayurveda, bergamot oil helps to reduce sluggishness, complacency and melancholy. Its mood-uplifting qualities support heightened and brightened energy.
Patchouli : tonic, anti-infectious, antiseptic, antifungal, calmative.
It helps alleviate various skin issues such as acne, eczema, inflammation, and irritated skin. As it has cell-rejuvenating properties, it’s often used in anti-aging skin care. It also has the power to lessen the look of scars or marks on the skin.
In emotional & energy healing, patchouli brings with the sense of the sacredness of life. It encourages farsightedness, rapport, and lucidity.
Tea tree : antibiotic, antiseptic, antiviral, immunostimulant, tonic.
It has a long history to treat cuts, wounds, and infection. Tea tree oil’s healing properties exhibits antimicrobial activity towards a wide variety of bacteria, making it ideal for acne-prone skin and other skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema, troubled complexions, and congested skin.

" Pleasant light texture cleanser, gentle enough to enjoy 3 minute mini facial mask. The soft sweet herbal aroma is also a lovely touch. I love using this cleansing essence after cleansing oil. I can feel the excess sebum and white head reduced while massaging and rinsing. (My skin type is sensitive / acne prone / combination.)"   - E. from North Carolina

"I tried the BHA cleanser several times and I do really like it. It smells so so good - minty and herbal, yet a little sweet? And I was surprised it's not drying or stingy whatsoever! My skin used to be oily, now it's more combination so I do appreciate gentle formulas. It's perfect as a morning cleanser and/or evening cleanser after cleansing oil."   - S. from California

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